Practical Learning For Tomorrow's Leaders  


Equipping The Next Generation With

Real-World Skills

At Aspire Academy, we help kids navigate life by teaching them the real-world knowledge and skills necessary to overcome everyday challenges and obstacles. 


Our mission is to inspire confidence and equip our youth and teen students with the practical skills to compete and thrive in the 21st century. Led by some of Connecticut's top academic tutors, our after-school and weekend programs are designed to teach the top "learning for life" skills to students ages 10-14.

Applied Academics

We dive deep into practical applications of English, math, and science to promote true comprehension outside of the classroom.

Technology for Tomorrow

Students learn to engage with existing technologies. They think, collaborate, and plan for using new technology better.  This is the foundation for many careers.



Navigate through escape rooms, brain training, adulting 101, and more! Your child will learn logic for life in our courses designed for deductive reasoning.



Designed for the passionate student athlete, Aspire Academy offers targeted instruction for rising soccer stars, chess players, and figure-skaters.


Aspire Academy

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