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Aspire Academy is a learning hub where knowledge and practice combine to fuel powerful growth. Our instructors bring academics into everyday life to improve students' comprehension across disciplines, and prepare them for college, careers, and life.


Aspire Academy's students study the crucial role of math in daily life, how to problem-solve using code, how to assess financial processes, and when to “think outside the box.”  We encourage our students to leave their backpacks at home and come to learn life-enhancing skills that aren’t taught in school.

Aspire's current after-school and weekend class curriculum is designed for children in grades 5 through 9. Our goal is to grow to instruct grades 10 through 12, with a possible option for a level 13 year. Our classes are as small as 6 students, and as large as 20 students, meaning your child will get the hands-on instruction AND team-building experiences that will help them in navigating through life in and outside of the classroom.

I strongly think that my school should have one of your classes. I've seen so many of my friends who are near the top of our class not score high on the SAT simply because they hadn't studied adequately.

Nicole G. | Southbury, CT

Your course saved us over $100,000. Literally: that's what we're saving thanks to the scholarships Kristin's SAT score brought our way. She always looked forward to your course -- we're very grateful.

Brian S. | Marlborough, CT

I just want to say to all of you the YOU REALLY MADE A HUGE AND A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE for my son. 


We really appreciate your professionalism and the way you dedicate yourself to help other people flourish. That is something you should feel proud of. Congratulations on another success story!

Gerardo A. | Mexico City

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